Post Production

Postprod J, Productions J’s postproduction department, has been the focus of many changes. It is today one of the most performing HD platforms in Montreal.


Postprod J has 11 cutting rooms to its disposal on Final Cut Pro, of which 5 are online. The department also has access to a sound mixing room, as well as a miking cabin to record offscreen voices.  Postprod J’s servers are centralized, thus are available at all times in all cutting rooms.  Their capacity allows stocking over 6,500 hours of HD video.  This equipment is put to the disposal of all of Productions J’s productions, but also to any exterior project wanting to use Postprod J’s turnkey services.


Postprod J puts its focus on the quality and performance of the invested material.  The team is formed on all of the tools put forward for the client, allowing you to focus exclusively on the creative aspect of your project.  The department can therefore work with producers and directors, from filming to delivering their product, for any type of production.


The rooms are provided with or without an editor, according to the director’s choice.  Other services are also offered, like duplication, conversions and transcoding of different video formats (SD or HD) and many codec choices for webcasting.