Productions J

Productions J is among the most prominent TV shows and live events production company in Quebec and Canada. Over the past 20 years, Productions J has developed expertise in many areas of the entertainment industry, including television, live events, DVDs, and music production through its own record label.




Productions J is an important television producer in Quebec and Canada. It has been responsible for some of Quebec’s most important TV productions, many of which have travelled across the globe. Working with Celine Dion, one of the world’s most talented singers, Productions J produced a TV special for the Oprah Winfrey Network entitled: Celine, 3 Boys and a New Show. Previously, the Productions J team had followed the star around the world for an entire year, documenting her Taking Chances World Tour and producing the internationally acclaimed DVD: Celine, Through the Eyes of the World. Productions J has worked with Céline Dion throughout her career, producing all of the star’s concert DVDs, wich have been sold all over the world and in several languages, and many specials programs about the star.


Since 2003, Productions J has been the creative force behind Star Académie, Quebec’s number one television phenomenon. Over its five seasons, stars like Lady Gaga, Lionel Richie, Mika, Bryan Adams, Jason Mraz, James Taylor, Stromae, and many other renowned international artists have performed on Star Académie’s stage. In addition to the live TV shows, the Star Académie live tour, which topped the Billboard in 2003, showcases young artists loaded with talent.


For two consecutive years, Productions J adapted the most popular TV Format worldwide, The Voice, entitled La Voix for the Quebec market. With 60% market share, La Voix surpassed all other countries in terms of audience ratings and is unquestionably one of the most significants televisions events of Quebec’s television.


Productions J also produces Occupation Double, now in its 10th season. This 100% Quebec reality-show has maintained an average 45% market share throughout its run - making it one of the biggest success stories in Canadian television. No other reality show aired in Canada can rival this TV phenomenon, not Big Brother, The Bachelor, or Loft Story.


Productions J has developed many other original concepts: Accès illimité (a cultural show that follows stars in their dailies occupations), L’été indien (a summer talk show hosted by Julie Snyder and Michel Drucker, the most popular host of Europe), La Série Montréal-Québec, (the first reality rivalry show about ice hockey), Le Québec, une histoire de famille, (more than an 100 shorts programs that chronicle 400 years of Quebec history), as well as many other successful programs that have left their mark on the TV industry.



Productions J was founded by Julie Snyder, a renowned TV host in Quebec and the first Canadi­an woman to host a TV show in Europe. Over the last 29 years, Julie hads produced and/or hosted Quebec’s most popular and iconic shows. During her career, she has interviewed more than 2,000 personalities, ranging from Robert Redford to Celine Dion, Serge Gainsbourg, or Lionel Ritchie. Julie counts Celine amoung her closet friends. On one of her birthdays, she was delighted to be suprise by the international star who showed up unannounced and took over as guest host on Le Banquier, Quebec french version of Deal or no Deal.



Productions J is a major manager and producer of live events in Quebec and Canada. Its touring shows have been amongst the highest grossing in North America and have charted on Billboard’s Top 100 many times. Its shows have packed Quebec’s largest venues. And its reputation has made Productions J the Canadian producer of choice for many foreign artists such as Patrick Bruel, Gad Elmaleh, Johnny Hallyday, and Michel Sardou.



In 2003, Productions J established its own record label. The first album released by the label, Star Académie 2003, has sold over 500,000 copies. 31 albums later, Productions J has sold over 2,000,000 disks. With a total of 18 gold albums, 15 platinum albums, 7 double platinum albums and 30 prices and rewards, Productions J is now recognized as a top label in the Canadian music industry.


To conclude, Productions J produces the decade’s most popular TV shows in Quebec, as well as producing highly attended live events and managing and producing some of the most successful artists in Quebec. Productions J is a media force on many fronts!