Céline sur les Plaines

Even though she is now a world star, Céline Dion never forgot her roots from Quebec and her first hour public.  She offered, on August 22, 2008, a unique concert on the Abraham Plains, for Quebec City’s 400th anniversary, which is also the birth of our nation and of an important French contingent in America.


This impressive show, which over 250,000 people attended, is available in DVD format.


Productions Feeling and Productions J offer almost 3 hours and 30 minutes of exceptional images to live or relive this historical show.  Julie Snyder, content producer, Jean Lamoureux, director of recording, and Stéphane Laporte, director of the documentary part, present a rich file, full of sequences never seen on television.


On August 22, 2008, we saw a real bond between a people and its artists, the most iconic ones of Quebec’s culture.  Céline was accompanied on stage by : Garou, Marc Dupré, Nanette Workman, Dan Bigras, Mes Aïeux, the Dion family, Zachary Richard, Éric Lapointe, Claude Dubois, Jean-Pierre Ferland, and Ginette Reno.  A magical souvenir neither of them, or anyone in attendance, will forget.


Along with Jean Lamoureux’s magnificent recording of the show, the DVD Céline sur les Plaines is full of rare moments and hidden scenes that you will have the treat to see.  From the very first studio rehearsals, under the eyes of René Angélil and stage director Josée Fortier, to the very last minutes before going on stage, and a special backstage visit, you don’t miss one moment of this unique event.  Productions J’s cameras were there, recording the words and emotions of all artists taking part in the show.  Within other sequences:

-       Dan Bigras, flabbergasted by Céline’s talent, rehearsing with him for the very first time Tue-moi: “She just learned that?  At that pace?”

-       Zachary Richard, obviously touched and a little intimidated when Céline declares: “We always sang your songs at home.  And we still do.”

-       The first moments of the duet between Céline and Ginette Reno.  The star will confide: “I often think of Ginette.  It is a dream to sing with her.  And, honestly, everywhere I go, Ginette should have been there and have an international carreer.  I would have loved that people from everywhere could see her!”

-       Witness what Céline was up to backstage while the other artists were on stage, or these lightning quick costume changes with her stylist, Annie Horth.


This DVD unveils Céline’s stay in Quebec City: the doctorate given by Université Laval for “her know-how and, more importantly, her know how to be”, the crowd stretched on her path between the Château Frontenac and the Plains, the Prime minister of Quebec’s, Jean Charest, words, just before the start of the show… Her reactions just after she exited the stage and the way back in the car with her two loves: René and René-Charles.  Nothing is missing!  Not even the only ending that could live up to the hype of the moment; an conclusion delivered by Céline herself, the next day, on the Bell Centre’s stage, in Montreal: “Yesterday, it was a huge privilege to celebrate with my family, at home, with so much love, with extraordinary artists, with the same passion, with the same goal, and to recognize how lucky we are to be from here.”


Show Credits

Stage Director: Josée Fortier

Musical Director: Scott Price

Lighting: Yves Aucoin

Sound Engineer: Denis Savage

Technical sheet

210 minutes

Productions J and Productions Feeling

Distribution Select

Content Producer(s):
Julie Snyder

Production year:

Prizes and Awards:
DVD of the Year, ADISQ (2009)