Ça pourrait nous arriver

Ça pourrait nous arriver

Ça Pourrait Nous Arriver is a series of hour-long documentaries. In each episode, we are introduced to ordinary people who have lived an extraordinary experience, as well as public figures with similar stories.


The audience becomes the privileged witness of such rare life altering events.



- In Vitro Fertilization: airing on September 12th at 9PM on the TVA network. Throughout the first year, we touched upon the subject of IVF and followed two couples who went through fertilization treatments. We also gathered moving accounts and interviews from Céline Dion and Julie Snyder.


- Transnational Adoption: airing on September 19th 2007 at 9PM on the TVA network. For this second show, we learn more about adoption abroad. For that, we follow a couple who go to adopt two little girls in China, and a woman who adopted a 4 year-old girl from Quebec. We have also arranged interviews with Josélito Michaud, who talked about his two kids, whom he adopted in Vietnam.


- Organ Donation: on air for Fall 2008

We all know just how fragile like can sometimes be…In this show, we meet individuals whose lives drastically changed the day they discovered their existence depended on an organ transplant. We follow Michel, a man in his fifties, who has been impatiently waiting for a new heart for a year and a half. It is a beautiful morning, the perfect time for that call he has so long been waiting for…


We also make acquaintances with a young mother, Marie-Josée, who needs a kidney to survive, and is lucky enough that her friend, Nathalie, who has just offered to donate hers in an extremely selfless act.


Finally, we present you an interview with Michel Barrette, who shares in great detail the eye accident he suffered onstage in 1996, that led him to need a cornea transplant.


- Changing Lives: airing in Fall 2008. Who hasn’t, just for one day, dreamt of leaving everything behind and of going off to experience a more satisfying life? Don’t those who, one day, decide to take the great leap of faith and make their dreams come true fascinate us all?


In this show, we follow Sophia and Patrick with their two kids, including a son who is handicapped and confined to a wheel chair. We follow them along the process that will lead them to sell everything, and set out to live on their sailboat for several years. We come to meet them a couple of months after their departure to witness what their life has now become.


We also follow Mélanie and Michel, a young couple, who after difficult times decides to go find happiness on Indian land. We get to see and understand how they live. We gather their thoughts and reflections on the obstacles they faced, the culture choc, and the positive aspects of their lifestyle change. As a guest, we arrange a meeting with Marie Carmen, who spent several years as a volunteer in Peru, and Jacques Michel, who lives part of the year on this boat.


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