A New Day… Live in Las Vegas

A New Day… Live in Las Vegas

When one of the most famous singers on the planet decides to collaborate with the stage director of Cirque du Soleil’s most extravagant presentations, you are bound to end up with a concert like never experienced before. This one is indeed a pure delight to the eyes and ears. Due to Céline’s voice and presence, paintings Franco Dragone creates, the fifty dancers’ talent, the virtual, bigger than life-sized images, and the purity of the ten musicians, each song becomes an unforgettable universe. Nothing is forced; everything is evoked. And as each song unfolds, amazement takes over our hearts and gives them the desire to be happy: the desire to be better. Because ultimately, that is what A New Day… is: the consciousness that each day is new, and can be the most important of our lives. Céline and Dragone make us want to believe that anything is possible! And so they have created a new show where live eighteen songs, and all the joys and the pains they carry with them.


With its ten cameras and its five recordings, each filmed from a different angle, director Jean Lamoureux has put together a concert out of the ordinary. And here you are, comfortably installed and ready to appreciate the show, even more so than if you found yourself at the first row of the Caesars Palace’s Coliseum. From now on, nothing on stage can escape you: from the dancers to the acrobats, including the projections and special effects, and without forgetting of course, Céline’s breathtaking performance. After the 723 sold out performances of A New Day… this exclusive 724th is bound to be the most extraordinary yet!

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