A New Day… Les secrets

A New Day… Les secrets

This documentary sets sail on the A New Day…’s secrets, Céline Dion’s show, which will have changed Las Vegas forever and made show-business history.


- The circumstances in which Céline, during her first days of retirement, suddenly had the urge to come back to the stage, and with a project of this scope


- How René Angélil pulled the most important contract ever offered to a music artist

- How Franco Dragone created A New Day… from the auditions held in the biggest cities of the world, to the few minor adjustments made after the premiere, to rehearsals in Belgium and her panic attacks!

- Moments of doubt and why Céline wanted to put the project to a halt and never do the show.


Everything on the construction of the room, the acquirement of the biggest interior LED screen in the world, and the creation of Céline’s looks. Members of the staff also recall the extremely dangerous stunts that could have gone very wrong during hundreds of shows. Furthermore, see Michel Dion, Céline’s brother/manager, who succeeds in breaking his famous sister’s concentration and becomes the reason for onstage hysterics when he decides to dress up as a dancer for the diva’s big surprise.


Céline also confides in Julie Snyder, content producer of this special airing, and tells us about the most unforgettable performance for her yet, one that lifted a huge weight off her shoulders. She also remembers the most difficult show for her, the one she put a brave face on for despite the death of her father, with pain in her heart and tears in her voice. For the first time, the audience will have access to images of the two most memorable shows for the singer. Above all the statistics, technical challenges, scenic exploits and broken records, René Angélil and the makers of A New Day… open up to us and share their joys, pains, and other strong emotions which allowed them to grow along these five wonderful years.

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