Noir et Blanc

Noir et Blanc

Gregory Charles, a great artist all around, possesses every talent. His extremely famous show called Noir et Blanc, with stage direction by Denis Bouchard (rewarded with a Felix for the stage direction of 2003’s show), has proven to be an important stepping stone in the Musician’s career. This one-man-show held the stage for over 4 years, only to end with its crowning moment at the Bell Center in Montreal. And it is precisely this last performance that is offered to you. The creation is directed by Jean Lamoureux and produced by Productions J.


Noir et Blanc presents Gregory Charles at his best, with remarkable gospel classics interpretations such as I’m on my Way, and When I Rise, as well as breathtaking piano performances. The show opens with an impressive tap dancing number. In this first act, Gregory reminisces about his life in music. In the second part, he executes random songs requested by the audience, which clearly demonstrates the extent of his talent and the incredible scope of his musical culture. And it is not without emotion that he sings, due to popular demand, his radio success I Think of You.


Alike the 325,000 spectators who were fortunate enough to assist to one of the 87 showings of Noir et Blanc, no one can resists the sensitivity, humor and rhythm of this incredible stage performance.

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