Nathalie Simard, il y avait un jardin

Nathalie Simard, il y avait un jardin

Ten years after her last album, Nathalie Simard finally makes a comeback with Il y Avait un Jardin. This new production is surely the artist’s secret musical garden, a sort of compilation of the songs that have touched her most, and she has particular affection for; these songs with which she grew up and did not necessarily know the authors of. We reconnect with titles from the repertoires of Gilles Vigneault, Jim Corcoran, Denis DeYoung, Serge Lama or even Michel Fugain.


In this recording, Nathalie Simard travels all over the world, in order to meet the authors of the songs in Il y Avait un Jardin. Such results in a poignant journey that will take us from Quebec to Greece, while passing by France. It is notably in this paradisiacal décor of the Greek islands that the singer will find Jacques Michel on his boat. We witness a true reunion between Nathalie Simard and this author, forever a collaborator.


This special broadcasting is an invitation along the trip; a geographical journey, discography trip and human voyage. All of Nathalie Simard’s universe and the emotions sparked by her encounters unfold in front of the cameras.

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