Le monde est Plamondon

Le monde est Plamondon

The world is Plamondon, from St-Raymond to Portneuf in Dublin, from Paris to Los Angeles, and from London to Vegas.

Ginette Reno, Robert Charlebois, Clémence Desrochers, Céline Dion, Garou, Diane Dufresne, Catherine Lara and numerous other friends of Luc Plamondon’s vouch, with much emotion, for the talent of this great songwriter.


A portrait animated by Julie Snyder, which allows us to discover the man behind the author, and to relive, through images and songs, the collected works of Luc Plamondon. From his first great success Les Chemins d’Étés, made popular by Steve Fiset, all the way up to Notre-Dame de Paris, the world sings Plamondon and will sing his songs for years to come.

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