Three boys and a new show

Three boys and a new show

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After an exceptional world tour, travelling 5 continents, 25 countries and 133 cities, Céline Dion gives herself a year and a half break.  With her husband and manager René Angélil, she hopes she can give birth to a second child. She also already announces her return to the Colosseum stage in Las Vegas, where she triumphed two years earlier.  She has 18 months to complete her personal project.  Six fertility treatments will be necessary.  In October 2010, the #1 singer in the heart of Americans gives birth to twin boys, Eddy and Nelson.  She has 5 months left before the premiere in America’s Playground.


Three Boys and a New Show depicts the intimacy of Céline and René’ day-to-day life.  We can see how the star copes with her family life and the preparation of her new show.  From the first rehearsals until her arrival, worthy of a head of state, in Las Vegas, we don’t miss a thing.  Céline and René reveal and open themselves, with modesty and genuineness, to the viewers.  We also see the first steps as an actor of their son René-Charles, the twins’ baptism, the fitting sessions for the stage costumes, Céline’s appearance in Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios…and finally images of the highly anticipated show, on stage and backstage.


Céline gives everything to her family, but knows admirably how to dedicate herself to her work, to her public.  After the stress of the last days of rehearsals, the premiere, welcomed by many standing ovations, frees Céline and René of the immense weight on their shoulders.  It is a triumph.  We discover a teasing Céline, always ready to make everyone laugh.  Then opens up a new adventure, which could end with the birth of a fourth child.  Who knows?  Céline, the artist, always adapts to the requests of Céline, the mother, and Céline, the wife.


Three Boys and a New Show is first and foremost a love story; the love the biggest star on Earth vows to her family, her public, and her work.


Technical sheet

Documentary Film

90 minutes

Stéphane Laporte and Julie Snyder


OWN USA : October 1st, 2011

OWN CANADA : October 2nd, 2011

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Three Boys and a New Show