La Voix

La Voix Friday January 11, 2013
Réseau TVA - - 19 h 30

LA VOIX evry sunday, monday and wednesday, 7:30 p.m.,  until april 12th, TVA !


The Voice is THE singing contest right now.  The voice, and only the voice, it is the only criteria that the coaches and the public will consider to choose Quebec’s biggest talent.  TV’s big event for 2013, the contest that changed the style, open to all aged from 16 to 116 years old, and that conquered the planet, will surely please Quebec’s music fans.

Season 3 :

Host : Charles Lafortune
Coaches : Marc Dupré, Isabelle Boulay, Éric Lapointe and Pierre Lapointe.

Season 2 :

Host : Charles Lafortune
Coaches : Marc Dupré, Louis-Jean Cormier, Isabelle Boulay and Éric Lapointe.
Winner : Yoan

Season 1 :

Host : Charles Lafortune
Coaches : Marie-Mai, Marc Dupré, Jean-Pierre Ferland and Ariane Moffatt.
Winner : Valérie Carpentier

The Voice: how it works

1.   Blind auditions

The coaches have their back to the stage and only rely on the candidates’ vocal performance to recruit them in their team.  Each coach must have 12 candidates, for a total of 48 talents.

2. The Battles

Coaches skim their teams to 6 talents, chosen during the battles, or duets opposing the singers.  Candidates are helped and advised not only by their coaches, but as well by music stars and celebrities, the advisors.  Spectacular moments are forecast.

3. The Live Performances

For the four live performances, coaches and public determine who has The Voice to reach the finals.  At each live event, talents from each team are opposed and risk being eliminated.  As the shape of victory can be seen not too far away, who will have the voice and the nerves to progress?


4. The Final

They are only four.  And one will be left.  Tension is at its peak.  The public is the only one to count.  It is its vote, and only its vote, that will crown The Voice of Quebec!

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